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Why Your Relationship Sucks

If you’re unhappy with your relationship – the shortage of quality time spent together, the amount of sex you have, the lack of excitement, or who walks the dog more – it’s a result of two things: The way you’re thinking and acting.To get a new result, you’re going to ...
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New Year, New Sex + Love Strategy. Bring it, 2019.

I don’t know about you, but 2018 felt less like a year and more like a decade to me. Or like I was cramming for final exams. All. Year. Long.Realizing that I’ve been feeling so much pressure makes my inner rebel want to take over. It makes me want to ...
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Update: The new status of my family

As a member of my tribe, I’m committed to keeping you on the front lines of any changes to my life. I wasn’t intentionally keeping this from you. I’ve been quiet about it because I wasn’t sure how it would evolve. And I didn’t want to have to retract something. ...
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Talk Dirty to Me

QDear Dr. Darcy, I’ve been with my partner for nearly 7 years. She’s always been willing to try, or at least discuss, any requests I’ve had for introducing new things to our sex life. She’s mentioned several times that she wished I’d spice things up with some dirty talk. I ...
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It’s Breakup Day

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.Unless you’re in a relationship and it’s creeping up on December 11th. Today is is, statistically speaking, the greatest day of reckoning in the calendar year - the day you’re most likely to initiate or find yourself on the receiving end of being ...
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5 Texting Fails You Won’t (easily) Recover From

I recently became the Global Ambassador for Tinder. It’s a side gig. I’m still a shrink. Still blogging. Actually, blogging more than ever – just for other publications in addition to ADD (<- Ask Dr. Darcy, though the acronym is ironic given that I have ADD). I signed on with ...
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