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3 Signs Your Partner Isn’t Right For You

I’m the first to suggest looking inward for the solution to relationship problems. There’s almost always something you can do differently to change the trajectory of your relationship. But sometimes, no amount of internal reflection, changed behavior, or LOVE will give you the happy ending you’re looking for. Because it ...
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Can A Cheater Change?

Dear Dr. Darcy, I just caught my partner of 3 years cheating on me. I am destroyed. Like, gutted. I have never been a jealous person, but lately I saw her looking at her phone and smiling and just got a weird feeling, so yes, I checked her phone. Not ...
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Beware Of These 7 Relationship-Killing Text Mistakes

Texting has become a necessary part of life – particularly in our personal lives. As a therapist, I love the transparency that texting provides me. Gone are the days when I used to rely on a client’s ability to accurately retell a conversation of what transpired outside of session. Texting, ...
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5 Ways To Stay Happy In Your Relationship

In the final analysis, your life satisfaction boils down to how fulfilling your relationships are.  You won’t be thinking about your money, your to-do list, or the dishes in the sink. You’ll be wishing you hadn’t been so hard on your sister, so unavailable to your mother, and that you’d ...
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This Is For The Ones Who Don’t Want Relationships To Require Work

Dear Dr. Darcy: My boyfriend has informed me that he is not being satisfied sexually. He tells me this after pulling away and being angry that the relationship is failing. He feels like doing things with me is more like an obligation now. Shouldn't we work out the sex problem ...
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How To Master The First Kiss

Dear Dr. Darcy, I’m a man in my early 30’s looking for a relationship. Back in college I had a really bad experience and I think it’s interfering with me finding a woman today. What happened was I hooked up with a girl one night after a party and the ...
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