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I’m Falling For An Unhappily Married Woman

So I’m falling for an unhappily married straight woman I work with. We have become close, sharing information about our own relationships and we have built a strong bond. I’m not stupid. I know this is probably a disaster. The main problem is I feel so confused because I try ...
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I Love You. Now Change.

Everyone wants their partner to change. “Why can’t he be more romantic?” “If only we had more sex [hotter sex; less sex; any sex], I’d have no complaints.” “I just want her to make me a priority.” In my (gasp) 20+ year career, the one constant among my clients is ...
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The Cure For Falling Out Of Love

I’m a sucker for love. I love falling in love, being in love, supporting other people in love – and saving people who are falling out of love. It’s strange to say, ‘I love saving people who are falling out of love.’ Makes me sound grandiose. But it turns out ...
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How to Stop Fucking Up Your Love Life

In your defense, it’s not like you were given the option to take Relationship Skills in high school and you chose to bypass it for Geography, though we’re probably in agreement that the former would have been far more useful than the latter. Which leaves you two ways to learn ...
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3 Signs Your Partner Isn’t Right For You

I’m the first to suggest looking inward for the solution to relationship problems. There’s almost always something you can do differently to change the trajectory of your relationship. But sometimes, no amount of internal reflection, changed behavior, or LOVE will give you the happy ending you’re looking for. Because it ...
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Can A Cheater Change?

Dear Dr. Darcy, I just caught my partner of 3 years cheating on me. I am destroyed. Like, gutted. I have never been a jealous person, but lately I saw her looking at her phone and smiling and just got a weird feeling, so yes, I checked her phone. Not ...
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