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Holiday cheer? Not this year.

So you thought holiday stress couldn’t get any worse? Welcome to 2020, when the things that historically justify putting up with the holidays are the parts we don’t get this year: Togetherness. Belonging. Community. I love the holidays. Gift giving is my love language. Cooking is my passion. Hosting friends ...
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It’s My Anniversary 🎉

10-years is a long time for any relationship - whether with a human or a blog. A couple years ago I thought about hanging it up. Letting it go. I’d been writing Ask Dr. Darcy for 8 years, was busy with other projects, had covered every topic - many repeatedly ...
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It’s Breakup Week

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Unless you’re in a relationship and it’s creeping up on December 11th. Tomorrow is, statistically speaking, the greatest day of reckoning in the calendar year - the day you’re most likely to initiate or find yourself on the receiving end of being ...
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Everything You Learned About Sex Is Wrong

Women. We feel compelled to reach an orgasm – with our partner as the facilitator. We want you to feel good and we know that watching us finish makes you…finish faster. If I can be honest. Which is why we fake it. Often. And at some level, you know this.    ...
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I looked through my boyfriend’s phone and I can’t unsee what I saw

3 minute read Prefer to Multitask? Listen instead! Dr. Darcy, I was looking through my boyfriend’s phone because I noticed he’s been glued to it in a way he hasn’t ever been. I was prepared to see that he’s talking to some other girl. Nope. That would be too easy.  ...
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Surviving the election regardless of the outcome

4 minute read Prefer to Multitask? Listen instead! As an outspoken liberal white lesbian social worker from New York City, I’d think the majority of my readers would be of a similar demographic - and I’d be wrong.  My readership is comprised of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and political ...
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