Of Course I Don’t Want To Talk About Divorce

Divorce isn’t a topic I discuss regularly. 

It’s not that I’m in denial.

But as a relationship therapist, people generally come to me to avoid the D word. 

However, once divorce is on the table, guiding my client through the process can feel like we’re a team of two in need of more support. 

Which is why today’s guest, Alex Kapp, was so perfect for this discussion.

She’s part of an emerging profession of divorce coaches.

And what they do is fill a gap in the process of divorce that is so wide, I can’t believe they haven’t been around for decades. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • What your attorney should and shouldn’t do for you.
  • The importance of creating a divorce strategy because it should guide every decision you make.
  • Why leaning on your attorney for emotional support could compromise the outcome of your divorce. 

Even if you’re never going to get divorced (and I hope that’s true), this is such an interesting episode I encourage you to listen! 

Also, half the people you know are or will get divorced, so it’s nice to know how to support them!

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