“You’re Not Listening!” with Stephanie Sterling

Guess who you get to meet in this episode? My WIFE, Steph Sterling. 

Today’s topic is all about communication.

And in the spirit of walking the walk, I felt there’d be no better person to have this conversation with than the person who is on the receiving end of the ways I communicate, so I invited my wife, Steph Sterling, to join me for this episode. 

Steph has been a practicing therapist for 18 years. 

She and I met when we were at NYU. She was getting her Master’s Degree in clinical social work. I was getting my PhD in clinical social work.

And since then, Steph has carved out a specialty for herself in couples therapy. 

She is Certified in Imago Therapy. 

She is trained under John Gottman.

Today, she co-owns my practice, Alternatives Counseling. 

And when it comes to helping hurt people understand each other and reconnect, I’ve never seen anyone better at it than her.

Come hang with me and my better half and hear Steph’s take on my communication strengths and weaknesses!

Xxoo Darcy

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