You Will Pick The Wrong Partner — Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter

Most people think they have a history of picking the wrong partner. They describe themselves as having a “bad picker.” The problem was in their choice of partner — not in how they co-managed the relationship. 

Today, I’m making the argument that we all pick the wrong partner. 

You will pick a partner who, over time, will almost certainly feel like the wrong partner, and it actually doesn’t matter. Your relationship can work anyway. 

In this episode, you’ll learn why long-term commitments will, ironically, diminish some of the reasons why you wanted to commit in the first place, like:

  • Excitement about the relationship.
  • Dating. Like, you’ll go out less (<- I hope you prove me wrong here).
  • Consideration — your partner will be less considerate over time, and you will too. 

I rarely say this, but this episode’s a must listen.

Xxoo Darcy

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