Valentine’s Day: The Couples Edition

Alright, Couples! I am here to celebrate you today and hopefully to inspire you with unique ways to honor your love today and throughout the year. 

Last week we explored how singles can gracefully handle Valentine’s Day, acknowledging that not everyone is in a relationship — which is perfectly fine. This week we delve into how couples can celebrate this day in meaningful ways.

Here’s what you’ll get answers to in this episode:

  • How to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re not particularly romantic.
  • My views on “Special Occasion” sexual acts as gifts.
  • How to ensure that your partner and you are aligned in your expectations of 2/14.
  • Ways to make Valentine’s Day kid-friendly (and why I think it’s important that you do).
  • How to take the money piece out of it and still deliver.
  • What NOT to buy your partner on Valentine’s Day.

I spent 3 hours researching unique gift ideas that will NOT break the bank and will land on your partner’s soul the way you’d want!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate 🖤 

Xxoo Darcy


For Consumers

For Romantics 

  • Why I Love You Jar
  • I’ll Do Your Thing
  • Never Have I Ever Eaten This Stuff
  • Acts of Kindness Jar
  • We’ll do it your way tonight   
  • Dinner Scavenger Hunt