You’re Too Sensitive! How Feelings Are Weaponized Against Us.

I hate hearing, “You’re too sensitive.” Maybe because when I’ve been on the receiving end of it, a flood of shame has followed. 

On the rare occasion when it hasn’t made me hang my head, a defensive retort has usually flown out of my mouth, leaving me feeling like I just validated the judgment that was hurled at me, and I feel even worse.

There’s something about “sensitivity” that causes people to discourage it. As though it’s an internal dial that “sensitive” people are choosing to keep at maximum volume.

So what is it about emotional sensitivity that’s so off-putting to people? That’s the question I want to answer today, along with: 

  • Why is the ability to repress emotions often seen as a strength? 
  • What’s the price we pay for repressing our feelings?
  • Is it possible that we’re looking at sensitivity the wrong way? 
  • Could sensitive people actually have a higher emotional intelligence?

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Xxoo Darcy