Why I Hate Valentine’s Day – And How You Can Celebrate As A Single

Valentine’s Day rubs a nerve in me.

It makes me feel very protective of the single people in my life.

I hate that we have a holiday that underscores everyone’s relationship status.

My mind continuously goes to how February 14th makes singles feel — especially women. 


Which is why this episode is dedicated to SINGLES. 

Today, I celebrate you. 

Not in the trite ways we see on social media. 

You’ll get no suggestions of “personal care” from me today. 

What you WILL get is answers to:

  • Why we feel so much pressure to have an intimate relationship.
  • How to navigate 2/14 if you’re in a “situationship.”
  • How to take the weight off the day if it’s making you feel less-than.
  • How to have fun as a single on Valentine’s Day.

Mostly, I want all my SINGLES to know that there is nothing wrong with being single. Which is why I’m celebrating you today.

Xxoo Darcy


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