How To Have a Fight (because everyone fights)

We go to great lengths to avoid having fights — especially with our partners.

But is that sustainable? Or even achievable? 

What does it say about your relationship if you’ve never had a fight? 

And is it always a red flag when you start fighting? 

We need to know how to navigate difficult conversations in all our relationships, and occasionally that means having the skills to manage a disagreement or a fight. 

There are rules to fair fighting, just like in boxing. And you need to know how to manage a fight if you’re hoping to have a secure attachment to the people you’re in relationships with. Because it turns out that when done artfully (which IS possible), making it through a disagreement can make you feel closer, better understood, and more secure.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why avoiding a fight will lead to problems.
  • How to disagree without being disagreeable.
  • How to express your needs in a loving way.
  • How to get comfortable with having serious conversations (or at least decrease your discomfort!). 
  • How to handle things when it turns into a fight.

PLUS, I give you access to one of my most effective tools — but you’ve got to listen to the episode to know how to use it, so don’t delay. Hit PLAY!

Xxoo Darcy

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