Ex-Files: Navigating Your Post-Breakup Relationship with Emotional Intelligence


We all have them. Even if they’re ex friends or family members. 

Exes are people from our past who historically occupied a critical place in our tribe and for whatever reason, no longer do. 

Knowing what to do with an ex can be tricky.

Because we miss them. 

Sometimes we still love them.

But does that mean they should be welcomed back into our life?

In this episode, you’ll get answers to questions like: 

  • How soon is too soon to be friends with an ex?
  • Is it ever advised to get back together with an ex?
  • How do you co-parent when you hate your ex? 
  • How do the rules change when it's an ex versus an ex spouse?
  • How do you handle splitting friends and family when in some cases the ex has been in your life for 20+ years?

Xxoo Darcy

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