Dial Down The Drama This Holiday Season

Holidays are complicated. They’re pitched as a season of joy but we all know they come with added pressures, more responsibilities, and close proximity to our history, which isn’t always positive.

Everyone has their unique associations with what the season means, what’s expected of them, and what they expect from others. But the common denominator — other than joy — is stress. We all feel it, even if the pleasure we get outweighs it.

Holidays can be especially difficult for young adults (and those of us who love them) as they’re thrust back into a family system that everyone’s had distance from for years. 

In this episode of We Need To Talk With Dr. Darcy Sterling, I prep you for ALL the dreaded topics, most of which are well-meaning, but can land with a sting.

From navigating questions like, How’s your love life? 

To exiting the provocative political questions — we cover it all — with takeaways at every turn. 


  • 5 Questions your young adult will thank you for NOT asking them. 
  • Why you can’t think your way through difficult conversations when you’re heated.
  • How to keep your long-term goals in mind while you’re breaking bread with Uncle Pauly who votes for the other side.

By the end of today’s conversation, you’ll have the tips you need to ensure that your holiday season is as peaceful as possible, and possibly even happy!

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