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Trumping the Trump Card: Surviving Political Differences During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is the second happiest day of the year in the US - outranked only by Christmas - according to a Gallup poll.  But Trump’s surprise victory has many Americans reeling in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, and not surprisingly, many are dreading Thanksgiving as they anticipate enduring ...
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Why Your Relationship Sucks

If you’re unhappy with your relationship – the shortage of quality time spent together, the amount of sex you have, the lack of excitement, or who walks the dog more – it’s a result of two things: The way you’re thinking and acting.To get a new result, you’re going to ...
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Dating A Celesbian

 Dear Dr. Darcy:My girlfriend is a very well known promoter in the [San Francisco] Bay area. Although I love her, recently I’ve begun questioning our relationship. I’m not a jealous person but she’s recognized everywhere we go. I’m finding myself feeling competitive with other women. I was a women’s studies ...
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How to Be a Fuck Buddy Without Being a Douche Bag

In the past week I’ve heard stories embodying both ends of the Fuck Buddy-Douche Bag Spectrum (yes, that’s the clinical term).One of my clients was trying to be a fuck buddy with a guy who ultimately behaved like a DB.A different client (also a female) is currently trying to be ...
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How I fell on my ass on vacation (caught on video)

I have trouble relaxing. Even on vacation. Many of you know this about me.  But this last vacation, I promised Steph that I’d chill out.  I wouldn’t work. And I’d go to the beach. Every day.It’s not that I don’t like the beach. It’s my favorite place on earth. It’s ...
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