How To Make Up After A Fight

Everyone fights. We all disagree — at least in our most secure relationships. 

Walking on eggshells isn’t sustainable which is why, generally speaking, relationships that require it, tend to end. 

As humans we crave the ability to be individuals and to be loved and accepted as who we are in our relationships. Periodically, that innate desire causes us to disagree or to have a fight, which then requires us to make up. 

Making up after a fight is one of the most important relationship skills I teach – and it’s a topic that’s rarely discussed.

I get it. 

It’s not sexy. 

It usually involves acknowledging that you made a mistake. 

And it’s even harder to do when you don’t think you actually made a mistake. 

It’s why so often, my clients come to me riddled with resentment. 

Because a wound that may have been unintentionally inflicted on them was never properly addressed.

If it was addressed at all, it was done in a superficial way — an obligatory sentence or two that someone offered — more to get past the disagreement than for any other reason. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between an apology and a repair. 
  • My 4-step process to repair like a pro.
  • Biggest rookie mistakes to avoid when you’re trying to repair.

AND… I debunk the most common myths that get in the way of repairing. 

If you listen to 1 podcast this month, THIS IS IT.