Quiet Quitting Also Happens In Romantic Relationships

There’s a new term in the workplace that describes a behavior that’s existed for as long as I can remember: Quiet Quitting. 

It’s when an employee is dissatisfied with their job and rather than resigning, they do the bare minimum (and sometimes less) to remain employed. But they’re basically checked out. They’re going through the motions to avoid having to deal with the stress that comes from changing their job.

Today I want to use that term and apply it to what we do with loved ones when we “quietly quit” our relationships. 

It’s not something most of us do consciously. But we all do it to some extent. 

I’m talking about the soft exits we unintentionally take and how those exits result in creating distance in our relationships.  

These are things that look, at least on the surface, like normal everyday activities. 

I want to talk about how seemingly benign activities can drain energy from our relationships because they keep us too busy for deep connection. And how eroding intimacy over time can lead to the kinds of exits that tend to be terminal in relationships: Like affairs. 

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