Can You Have A Breakup Without Having A Breakdown?

Why are some of us gutted by breakups and barely able to function while others seem hardly impacted? 

In my first episode of We Need To Talk With Dr. Darcy, I explain why we’re neurologically predisposed to feel immense pain when we lose a loved one. And how our unique attachment style, coupled with the type of breakup we have, dictates the level of pain and devastation we experience. 

My guest today suffered the trifecta of breakups.

And I chose her as my first guest because I experienced her breakup with her. 

She is not a client. 

She is my niece, Ashtyn Tardif.  

Whether you’ve wondered if something was wrong with you for feeling traumatized by a breakup — or you know someone who’s felt that way — this episode is for you.

Frankly, I think it should be required listening.

I hope by the end you understand that regardless of how wounded a breakup has left you, you are not alone.

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